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Best Skincare Products for Summer 16

One minute my skin is cracked, ashy and dry, and next its oily, sweaty and shiny.  Welcome to skincare conditions while living in New York City.  My skin has acquired a bipolar personality disorder while trying to adapt to harsh life and brutal weather.  Since a child, I’ve always suffered from eczema which resulted in being very sensitive to what goes on my skin.  My mother was always conscious of what washing detergent, perfume and soap she would purchase.  Sometimes my skin would become inflamed or irritated and vaseline became my solution for long lasting moisture.   Fast forward years later. Lets just say  I need a better solution. 

So what products should I use to keep my skin hydrated.  What products moisturize but don’t leave my skin super oily and slippery? Will I be ashy again in 30 minutes? What if I don’t want to DIY?  On my quest for better skin I compiled a list of my favorite skincare brands that I’ve tried and are great for skin care and self love! Click the link below.










artwork by Nicholle Kobi