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My Hair Won't Let Me Be Great!

Every hair type has their own trials and tribulations and we all imagine trading in our curls for someone else’s perfectly coiled tresses. Frustrated and filled with trust issues from the all of the recommendations from your favorite hair blogger swearing that this specific product works miracles, has now left  your bathroom cabinet filled with dozens of half used products.

Taking matters into your own hands, you decide to go grocery shopping to create your own concoction of natural ingredients.   After 2 broken hair combs, your hair is drenched in aloe vera juice, coconut oil, avocados and you’ve finally detangled your knots. The next day you set out feeling empowered to embrace your healthy natural hair, but you walk outside and the humidity turns your twist out to a frizz out.  Frustration!

Despite the hundreds of resources that educate us on natural hair, we all just want a solution that is susceptible to all environmental changes. The beautiful thing about our hair is realizing the uniqueness of each strand.  With so many natural hair products on the market and new ones emerging every week, I’ve compiled a list of the top hair care products  and brands that are  infused with natural ingredients and could turn your frown upside down. :)