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Words To Live By: Things I learned at BeautyCon and FounderMade

Two weekends in a row I had the opportunity to attend two very well known beauty conferences; BeautyCon and FounderMade. Both events were filled with well-known celebs, beauty brands, and investors.   This time last year, I’ve never even heard of the two. The closest thing I’ve ever done to attending any beauty function were frequenting my mother’s Mary Kay parties.

With me recently reconnecting  to journalism I’ve been very interested in teaching women about self-love through a mental, spiritual and physical aspect. I like learning how to nurture by body, as well as what products are best for my skin tone.  No I’m not a makeup artist. No, I’m not a tutorial or “how to DIY” girl.  This new journey has opened up doors for me and I’m very excited to explore all avenues.

Although the beauty industry is overflowing with products made to transform our ideas of being beautiful while molding us into a well-contoured versions of the Kardashians,  I am more into products that heal and protect my skin so I don’t have to cover up.  I prefer makeup that doesn’t transform my face into another person but instead enhances and accentuates my features.  

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a little contour and highlighter and I too have watched countless contouring videos in awe.  However,  I challenge everyone to actually think about the message behind it all.  Are we teaching young girls that beauty is found through makeup? Is natural beauty not a thing anymore?  Are we teaching women to just cover up their blemishes instead of using proper skincare?  

While at both events I sat down and tried to soak in all the information and advice from my favorite celebs, bloggers and beauty brands.  Here is a list of my favorite quotes from both events that you should live by.


“Demand your respect, the world can’t tell you who you are or who you should be” - Kelly Rowland


“You have to go out there and make it happen for yourself” - Drew Barrymore


“Show up with something to offer” - Drew Barrymore


“Your gift to the world is different from what anyone else can give” - Naptural85


“Stay on trend but find new ways to be fresh” -Tierra Monet


“People will respect you more if you stand up and be truthful” - Sasha Plavsic- (Ilia)


“Understand your audience, understand your customer” - Julia Straus- (Tula)


“Be authentic and do something that you know and love”  - Grace Choi Mink (Mink)


“Find people who have goals and help them achieve them” - Daniel McCarthy - (Makeup Eraser)


“Go up to the scariest person in the room and introduce yourself” Rachel Weiss (Loreal)


“Successful people are the people who will go 5 years without a paycheck - Andrew Shore (Moelis & Co.)


Stay true to your message” - Shaun Ross


“Make a statement” - Justine Skye


“Beauty is self-love” - Amber's Closet


“What am I going to do with my pretty?” Ashley Graham





Artwork: Nicholle Kobi